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  • How to install WinUSB driver under Win10 system?
    The WinUSB9x00 or WinUSBS8V3 USB driver has been signed and packaged by Digicert as S/W version 1.45n6.Or you can download the signed WinUSB9x00 or WinUSBS8V3 through the link for installation. WinUSB_S8V3 Win10 Driver
  • How can I be sure your programmer can support S4, S8 or T4 socket board solutions?
    The programmer internal equation needs to be upgraded in order to support the S4, S8 and T4 socket board solutions. You can leverage the Labels on the programmer to identify your programmer be able to support this socket board or not. If no, please contact with your sales representative for upgrade. Then you can enjoy the high performance programming solution.
  • How to configure the NAND image builder?
    Please click the link to download the NAND Image Builder S/W tool. And refer to the example SOP to configure the NAND partition layout via the NAND image builder S/W tools.
  • How to configure the eMMC partition layout via the eMMC image builder?
    Please refer to the eMMC image builder User Guide to configure the eMMC partition and EXT_CSD register via the eMMC image builder.
  • What's the definition of Programming Flowchart?
    In the standard programming flow. The PUI supports basic function like below screen. Some functions might not supported on different device algorithm. Pin-Continuity Check. This function supports on universal type socket boards only. ->To check the necessary pins contact status. Check ID. Check the device ID or JTAG ID. Insertion Mode. You can choose auto-sense or disable the device insertion check. Check sum. This option is to display different kind of checksum compution. You can choose byte sum, word sum or CRC sum by option. Erase. The default is "If Check Fail". It stands for if the blank check or illegal bit check fail then go to erase. Check. The default is "Blank check". And you can also change to "Illegal bit check". The Illegal bit check stands for is there any illegal bit on the target device. For example. The pattern is 0x55(0101 0101) but the target device has been programmed with 0x51(0101 0100).The bit 0 is illegal status when the default cell bit is 1. Checksum Compare. The function is to ensure there is no data corrupt issue during data transfer from programmer to device. Verify. The verify function will read back the contents for bit to bit comparison to ensure the programming result. Margin Verify. The margin verify will include additional verify operation with margin voltage parameters. The default is disabled. Secure. The secure function enabled or disabled was based on the special bit configuration or the JEDED file. The secure function need to align with the configuration. Considers the security setting will not be able to read back the contents for verification. Therefore, the secure function will be executed after verify function then the verify function won't included any bit which programmed in secure function. Finial Pin-Continuity. This function is full the same as Pin-Continuity but only executed at finial programming procedure to ensure the IO pins status after device programming.
  • What's the definition of the voltage parameters
    The Vccr stands for VCC voltage in read or verify operation. The Vccp stands for VCC voltage in program operation. The Vcce stands for VCC voltage in erase operation. The Vccs stands for VCC voltage in secure operation. The Hi-Vcc or Lo-Vcc stands for VCC voltage in high or low margin verify operation. The Vppx or Ippx stands for the special voltage or current on this algorithm. The Vih stands for the IO voltage level in each operation. The Voh or Vol stands for the voltage output high or low criteria.
  • How to reset the socket board insertion count?
    Please go the Socket Board Info function under Utilities selection to reset the insertion count. You can get the socket board insertion and renewal times information under this function. You can also set the Limit Socket Insertion count on this socket board via this funtion. The purpose is to monitor the life cycle of the socket and also ensure the programming stability.
  • How to change the HIC socket pogo pins
    Please click the document link to get the socket pogo replacement SOP.
  • How to make the device help working properly on Windows 10?
    Please download the Winhlp32.exe (click to download) then run with "Administrator" to update the Winhlp32 then you will be able to see the device help on Windows 10.
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